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CircuMax GoldTM

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CircuMax GoldTM

… a powerful tool against aging and fatigue. 

 Nitric Oxide Is Magic In Your Blood Vessels! 
Here’s why…
Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It dilates your blood vessels making them more flexible to optimize blood flow and reduce plaque buildup.* 
Better blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients get to your cells and vital organs (which gives you ENERGY).
And your heart doesn’t have to work as hard.
Nitric oxide even helps your blood flow through the tiniest capillaries in your body like in your brain and eyes.* 

This One Ingredient Has Over 4 Times More Nitrates Than Beets!

Not only does this incredible formula contain beets which are known to enhance nitric oxide levels… But it also has ROCKET (as the old timers call it).

You may know this peppery green as Arugula.

Arugula has more nitrates than any other known plant on the planet! (Nitrates convert to nitric oxide in your body).

Arugula has MORE THAN 4 TIMES the nitrates as Beets!

And you get 1,000mg of premium arugula extract (Nitro Rocket®) in every serving of CircuMax Gold™!

That’s not all…

Human Study Showed ASTONISHING Increase in Microcirculation in just hours!

54% increased microcirculation in just 6 hours.

Each serving of CircuMax Gold has 100mg of Careflow , a specifically ripened mango powder.

This tropical fruit has been shown in a randomized, double-blind,
Human study to increase microcirculation by 54% in just 6 hours.[1] 

So why not use a higher dose of Careflow™ mango powder if it works that great?

This is one of those situations where more isn’t necessarily better. 

When the researchers increased the dosage to 300mg, the increase in microcirculation improved, but by only 35%.

There’s MORE…

May Promote Youthful Longevity!

CircuMax Gold also contains a SuperStar Probiotic.  
It’s called B. subtilis DE-111. 
So why is it considered to be a SuperStar?
Not only does it promote healthy digestion,* enhanced immune function (has shown to decrease respiratory infection by 45%)[3], support healthy weight management,* brain support,* and has shown an impressive potential to promote longevity[4]...
… but there’s a protein in B. subtilis DE-111 that may help improve your nitric oxide levels as it did in experiments on roundworms (which also helped extend their lifespan considerably).[5]

B. subtilis DE-111 has been analyzed in more than 30 clinical studies. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it has also shown to enhance body composition and athletic recovery.[6,7]

Organic Beet Root for Pure Nitric Oxide Production…

As you likely know, beets are lauded for their potential to enhance nitric oxide levels. CircuMax Gold™ provides you with a whopping 4,000 mg per serving of pristine, unadulterated Organic Beet Root Powder.  

The beets used in CircuMax Gold™ contain no toxic pesticides or chemicals that may harm your body and possibly interfere with your nitric oxide production. 

With CircuMax Gold™, you’re getting premium-quality, natural organic beets!  

That’s WHY CircuMax Gold is the Ultimate Nitric Oxide Support Formula!

It Gets Your Blood Flowing!

More Energy!

Enhanced blood flow for more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles…

Clearer Thinking!

Increased microcirculation by 54% to the tiniest capillaries in your brain…

Incredible Heart Support!

Less strain on your heart so it doesn’t have to work so hard… 



gluten free

0nly 5 Calories

The Nitric Oxide Promoting Ingredients in CircuMax Gold have been shown to:

  • Enhance Energy & Stamina*
  • Promote Healthy Circulation & Healthy Heart*
  • Help with Muscle Recovery After Exercise*
  • ​Support Mental Focus & Clarity*
  • ​May Promote Healthy Blood Vessels*
  • Enhance Sleep Quality*
  • Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
  • Promote Muscle Health & Strength* 
  • Help Reduce Swollen Legs, and Ankles.*

See What CircuMax Gold Users Have To Say:

“This Can Add Years To My Life!”

“I expected CircuMax Gold™ to tune up my circulatory system but not be able to really notice much. But what I found was that my whole body felt livened up, as though I had been exercising even though I hadn’t. I feel this can add years to my life!”

Martin C., Los Angeles, CA

“I feel energized and we both feel great”

“I realized that this product would be beneficial for myself as well as my husband. I feel energized and we both feel great. The ingredients of mango and beets have a great taste. I would certainly recommend CircuMax™ for anyone who wants to maintain their health. Thank you for all of your products”

Gloria I.

“It’s Great To Get Some Energy Back!”

“I have more energy! I don’t “need” an afternoon nap lately and I seem to get a lot more done during the day (after my part time job). It’s great to get some energy back. I plan to keep using CircuMax Gold™ every day. Thank you.”

Jim S., Glendale, AZ

“It's good for circulation, for the skin,
and blood flow”

“I’m 66 years old and I know that this product really does work. It's good for circulation, for the skin, and blood flow.
We love it. THANK YOU”

Isabel J.

“Loving It!”

“I started to use CircuMax™ and have not finished one canister yet but already loving it! ”

John M., Sturgis, MI

“I Felt Like a New Man”

“Before I discovered CircuMax™ I was literally dragging myself around constantly plagued with a sluggish and chronic lack of energy. Within days, I felt a new beginning. CircuMax™ worked wonders. My vim and vigor quickly and dramatically returned. I felt like a new man.”
Thomas L., Brooklyn, NY

“I now have energy to build muscle”

“After suffering with poor circulation, and fatigue, I was excited to see the IVL website feature CircuMax Gold™. After taking this oxygen filled formula, I now have energy to build muscle, strengthen my bones and enjoy overall vitality and health. Adding CircuMax Gold™ to a smoothie or a beverage provides a tasty flavor and helps with digestion.  Thank you, IVL for another great product to recommend to my friends!”

Kristine C.

“I felt better!”

“I was just dragging and did NOT have any energy. I started drinking CircuMax Gold™ and I felt BETTER! I slept better. My legs don't hurt. I had to walk with a cane, but no more! I felt so much better, I will not stop taking it for life. CircuMax Gold™ was everything you said…”

Lulla B., Greensville, SC

Who Should Try CircuMax Gold?

Low nitric oxide can reduce blood circulation throughout your body. And it can contribute to all sorts of health issues, especially involving your heart and brain. 

7 Common Signs You May Have Poor Blood Flow…

  • Low Energy:It’s difficult for you to get moving in the morning and you feel lethargic throughout the day.
  • Cold Hands and Feet:Poor circulation can often show in your extremities… This lack of blood flow to your hands and feet can leave them feeling chilly.
  • Numb or Tingling Fingers & Toes:Low blood flow can make your fingers and toes feel weird. It may even cause you to drop things often or even lose your balance when standing or walking.
  • ​Bulging Veins:If you’re experiencing bulging veins, especially in your legs, it’s only going to get worse with age unless you can improve your blood flow.
  • Achy Muscles or Muscle Cramps: If your muscles hurt, feel weak when you walk or cramp up often, it could be a sign that they’re not getting enough oxygen and nutrients due to poor blood flow.
  • ​Pins & Needles on Your Skin: It’s an annoying sensation that can drive you nuts. If you are experiencing that, it may be from a lack of blood flow.
  • Brain Fog: Another irritating sign that you may have issues with blood flow is that distant lost feeling of brain fog.  

The Root Cause of 


Studies has shown that nitric oxide levels drop with age.
If you’re a man over 40, your body’s ability to produce nitric oxide drops by HALF.[8]

And if you’re a woman, studies show that by the time you turn 50 you’re only producing 35% of the nitric oxide you produced in your twenties.[9]

That explains why you feel more physically and mentally drained as you get older!* 
When you don’t have enough Nitric Oxide, blood flow can slow to a trickle.*

This can make your heart, brain, skin, muscles, and other organs lack the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood they need to maintain their health and youthfulness.*

On the other hand, strong circulation rushes blood throughout your entire body for 


Why Athletes Love It!

CircuMax Gold™ for Enhanced Physical Performance…

Since nitric oxide improves blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles and joints, athletes often take nitric oxide enhancers to get a quick burst of energy and reinforce endurance.*

Nitric oxide is essential for great circulation and all the life benefits that go along with it, such as…
  • No more afternoon caffeine comas*
  • ​No more tingling hands and feet*
  • ​No more running out of breath after climbing stairs*
  • ​No more struggling to remember someone's name*
  • ​​No more frustration in the bedroom*

These Triathletes Increase Their Cycle Time With Circumax Gold™ 

“My Wife Joh Ann and I are both Triathletes, we have found that using Circumax Gold™ has increased our stamina, endurance and focus. Since using CircuMax Gold™, we are proud to announce that Joh Ann was able to place second in the women's competition in Butuan city. Personally, I have been able to increase my cycle times. We also love the way it tastes and look forward to gulping it down daily.”
Luther & Joh Ann Apal
Gingoog, Philippines


Nitric Oxide Enhancer for “Dawn to Dusk” Energy!*

If you feel you’re in a funk, have low energy, no motivation… or maybe just not feeling as healthy as you would like, 
Once you start drinking CircuMax Gold™ on a daily basis, you may experience heightened energy, sharper thinking, and vigor for life that you haven’t felt in decades.*  

It’s all because your body is getting the adequate amount of nitrates to produce the nitric oxide levels that you had in your youth.  

All Natural Superfoods

The 4 AMAZING ingredients in CircuMax Gold™ have been shown to incredibly enhance your body’s natural nitric oxide production and improve Blood Flow Significantly.*

Organic Beet Root Powder - Enhances circulation and energy by stimulating nitric oxide production in the body.*.
B. subtilis DE-111 Probiotic - The superstar probiotic that promotes healthy digestion, immune function, and nitric oxide production.*
Careflow® Mango Powder - Increases microcirculation by 54% in 6 just hours.[1]
Nitro Rocket® Arugula - The highest nitrate content of any vegetable on the planet.

LOVE IT OR IT’s FREE Guarantee! 

You’re fully protected by our 365 Day Risk-Free100% money-back guarantee.

Our products are backed with an unprecedented 1 Full Year Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase simply contact YES within 365 days for a full refund. No questions asked. 

...Feel Healthier, Younger, and More Alive!*

And Right Now, you can get the best price EVER on this TASTY Nitric Oxide Promoting, Energy Enhancing,  Youth Inspiring, Health Supplement Drink!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

In fact, if you’re not completely satisfied, you can even return the empty canisters and get a full refund. 

Drink it up… give it a fair shake… if you don’t experience the same energizing effects that we’re promising, get your money back. That’s all.

If that sounds fair to you, go ahead and see for yourself how it feels to have…
  • Energy that you haven’t experienced since your twenties*
  • Clear focus and sharper memory*
  • Surging stamina and growing muscle strength* 
  • Impressive heart health support*
  • An overall sense of wellness*
  • Upbeat libido (for more fun in the bedroom)*

All of this and much more with ZERO RISK!

Because you’re fully covered by our 365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Do you want…


Try CircuMax Gold

You will LOVE the way it makes you feel*…

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Try CircuMax Gold at a HUGE Savings!

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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 All testimonials herein are from real users of the product. To protect our customer’s privacy, actual likenesses were not used. In some cases, users were asked for their experience and offered a complimentary bottle of the product for their time to relate their story. Results reported may not be typical and individual experience may vary.
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